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Girlsway Highly Anticipated Lesbian Love Story, Sharing the Bed, concludes in this romantic final chapter:

From all that has come before now, from Shyla’s intense experience with Dani’s sexual surrogacy therapy, to Sasha’s corrupting family stories, a lot is at stake, Shyla and Sasha both know this, but do they know how the other feels?

Sasha heard of Shyla’s time with Dani, and can’t help but feel upset for the way things ended up. Shyla, while feeling more confident in her lesbian shoes knows that she has done some things that may not please the one she loves. Sasha knows that Shyla might not feel the way she feels but needs to know what’s going through Shyla’s pretty little head. Shyla preps herself, by choosing between the best of her lesbian outfits, and eagerly awaits her lover. She hears a knock at the door, and runs to check to see if it’s Sasha. It’s the courier with a surprise package for Sasha. Shyla is excited, but the courier warns her, the package didn’t work for her. With all the anxiety this stirs up, Shyla worries of about the state of her room. She rushes to make everything perfect for Sasha’s return.

Sasha works up the courage to walk up to Shyla’s door, realizing the intensity of her feelings and forgetting the facts of what has led to this moment. She knocks on the door, and when Shyla opens it, it’s as if the passion has never left either of them. They realize that the love they share is exactly the same, mirrored in their wardrobe choice.

Shyla grabs Sasha’s shirt and pulls her into her house, and kisses her passionately as if every moment of waiting has led to this very second. Both are just so happy to be in each other’s arms that none of that matters now. Words would only ruin the moment as they gradually ascend the stairs to Shyla’s bedroom, where she has strewn rose petals and laid out a pride flag to show her support for Sasha, and to show her that she is ready for her. Shyla peels off Sasha’s top, and Sasha follows suit, revealing their perfectly soft bodies, to be bathed in the afternoon light. Their hunger for one another can’t be matched, and as they begin to join their bodies together to share their intensity of love, their coos and cries of intense release fill the room. The time has come, they are finally Sharing the Bed once again. This time… to last.

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